How I become A Stay-at-Home Dad

“This time I came home to not leave you alone, if that’s all possible”

I said to my one-year old son with tears dropping from my eyes. We hugged each other tightly.

On that fateful day, I did my Exit Interview in Local Head Office of my former employer. I told them I was happy to work with them for the years I’d been with them. That’s how my resignation was fully processed and accepted.

This is how it unfolded:

It’s been hard starting a family away from my hometown, with both parents working.  Our hometown was some 1500 odd miles away.  We could only arrange helper for few months after the birth our first baby.

We waited for first child for five years after our marriage.  Unable to arrange alternate ways, we discussed for long. It was then that we find someone had to sacrifice our current job and take care of our family.

I looked at my first-born child for long and decided I will take care of him, as best as I could. Taking into account our financial matters, the dice falls on me.

With great enthusiasm, I decided to turn my investments on our child.  All my time, my strength, and the wisdom gained so far.

Keeping on-hold or to never have the chance to satisfy my ambitious career, I sacrificed my prestigious job in the largest Public Sector Undertakings Bank in India abruptly.   Few times I had been selected as “Best Employee of the Month” during my time there.

Friends and dear ones warned, “You’d lose social respect or status.”  That seems true.  But this is the reality of life.

Now that’s how I become a fulltime Stay-at-Home Dad some years down the line.

That’s the career I chose for now, and as long as it takes.

Author: Siam Ngaihte

My name is Siam Ngaihte. I am a Stay-at-home Dad, by choice, and a freelance content writer based in New Delhi, India. I had worked as an Assistant (Accounts & Cash) in State Bank of India for five blissful years. I have Masters Degree in Political Science. I am fighting Epileptic disorder for the past 10 years. In my free time, I love to write, share thoughts, and recount simple life stories in village and metropolitan cities. I love life in its simplicity.

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